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Gillette Steel Center takes pride in our ability to help you with your jobs by providing fast, on-time, and accurate processing. We can save you time, money, and resources and money by completing the work for you. Take a look below at the different ways we can optimize your material.

Our BENTENBENDER shear can quickly and accurately cut your material down to the specific size you need. Our variable blade gap and variable rake can cut 16 gauge through ½ inch material that is up to 12 foot long with precision. With its 30 strokes per minute stroke we can quickly get your material to your job site.

The in house saws can cut your material to your specifications. Our Ellis Band saw can make cuts to +/- 1/8 of an inch and our KALAMAZOO chop saw can quickly cut material down to length. If you are seeking multiple cuts on material the band saw can easily cut bundled material to speed up your production even faster.

CNC Cutting

Gillette Steel Center has recently purchased a new CNC cutting table with the only Hy Definition Plasma with True Hole Technology in the Powder River Basin. CNC features include: Tru-hole technology (can cut up to 1.5" with plasma), 96 x 288 cutting capabilities, and up up to 6" in oxy-fuel.
Cutting any material in any shape can easily be accomplished with this table. Our staff can convert an existing template or we are capable of drawing any shape/design with either Auto CADD or Corel Draw.
Play the video at right to see our new table in action and Click here for a PDF flyer featuring information on our new CNC cutting table.
Please contact us with any of your CNC part needs.



Straight Line Cutting
Cutting any length o r width of plate is easily accomplished on our 9’ x 25’ cutting table. Our cutting table coupled with our VICTOR track torch as well as our HYPERTHERM Plasma and Oxy Fuel can cut material of any thickness with a +/- 1/8 accuracy.

Our iron worker is a Mubea Muhr und Bender which is capable of punching a ¾” hole in a 1” A-36 plate. We can easily set up for multiple cuts with variable hole sizes in a large range of material. Punching in lieu of drilling will drastically cut your processing time down.

If you are seeking even further fabrication on your material please contact our sister company Wilson Welding.